Gurkha T25

During March 2022 Agile Vehicles changed its focus to more pressing matters, in collaboration with Complex Systems Innovations (CSI) and others, to examine current and future needs in support of Ukraine's heroic resistance to invasion. 

We asked what can our current ATV range do to assist Ukraine resist invasion and how can we modify our forthcoming Trident range to most effectively support offensive and defensive combat operation, resupply, humanitarian support and clean-up of munitions and EOD. Our initial conclusions are summarised below and there is some additional detail here. Comments and enquiries most welcome.

This analysis explores the nature of the current conflict and adds some further complex systems context to insightful research into a form of asymmetric warfare dubbed 'Compound Warfare', involving coherent direction of regular and irregular forces to overcome a superior foe. The current conflict certainly fits this classification and has the potential to evolve into an even more effective and enduring form dubbed 'Fortified Compound Warfare'.

This points to the need for short and medium term postures that will require particular characteristics to succeed, some of which equipment based, others in terms of international support and an agile and determined mindset, the basis of which is already apparent in Ukraine.

The analysis draws wide-ranging conclusions that go beyond our immediate 'what can we do now?' question, however it sets a context within which to consider the nature of operations that must emerge more strongly if Ukraine is to overcome the advantages of scale that Russia currently wields.

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The first step was to reconfigure Proteus to meet the immediate needs of tactical level operations in a Central European operational context. Not a major challenge given the inherent modular reconfigurability of the vehicle. Further revision to meet emerging need or specific roles can be readily undertaken, even at user level. 


We have also revisited the design of our next generation Trident in detail. Trident now offers a range of enhanced features, including native amphibious capability under heavy load, which we considered essential to achieve high levels of operational and tactical mobility across areas of the central plains heavily cut by water features, without compromising native extreme terrain mobility.

Well suited to the kind of operations that will be necessary if protracted insurgent and conventional operations ensue.

The images on this page provide an overview of configurations suited to various roles, reflecting some important developments made possible rapidly by our parametrically-driven design approach.

The high mobility, fully amphibious, extended range Trident 'Inland' range of manned extreme terrain vehicles will shortly be joined by the larger 'Coastal' range, optimised for carriage of extreme loads (up to 5T) in difficult waters and marshland. Further details on these models can be found here, and indicative pricing is here.

The Trident (6×6) range will shortly be joined by the hydrostatically driven Gurkha 4×4, optimised for manual, remote or autonomous operations in the Littoral.

These will in turn be joined shortly by a compact, lightweight mechanically-driven Gurkha T-25 variant, designed to exploit Maximus drive technologies to deliver a feather-weight, low-cost and potentially disposable asset retaining comparably scaled cross-terrain, amphibious and load-carrying capabilities.

Agile Vehicles are Intelligently Designed for the most extreme of use and environment, exploiting computational modelling and simulation techniques to rapidly test, validate and optimise performance and cost. Our inherently modular and reconfigurable design philosophy allows rapid reconfiguration of existing design, where appropriate, at moderate additional cost.

Agriculture in the Extreme
Trident Prototype - Variation on a Theme
Introducing Autonomy
Hidden Capabilities
Optionally Manned Autonomy

A British designed range of extreme mobility 6×6 and 8×8 all terrain vehicles, featuring low ground pressure and agile manoeuvrability across all terrain types, with amphibious capability. Modular design assures high levels of reconfigurability between cargo, personnel or special fit. Load capacity up to 2000 kg or 8 personnel under ROP

Configure your own Solution

The base vehicle configuration is an extreme mobility blank canvas, capable to being configured to a wide range of specialist roles, either manned or unmanned.

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Gurkha T25

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