Ardnamurchan Proteus UGV and Trident M/UGV
Proteus Amphibian
Proteus with QuickBlock structure kit and 3 Point HItch with Backhoe fitted
Proteus UGV
Sika Loitering Swarming Mine System

During March 2022 Agile Vehicles changed its focus to more pressing matters, in collaboration with Complex Systems Innovations (CSI) and others, to examine current and future needs in support of Ukraine's heroic resistance to invasion. 

We asked what can our current ATV range do to assist Ukraine resist invasion and how can we modify our forthcoming Trident range to most effectively support offensive and defensive combat operation, resupply, humanitarian support and clean-up of munitions and EOD. Our portfolio of solutions has developed rapidly and dynamically as the shape of the conflict has changed and our understanding of possible requirements has developed. 

Our current emphasis is on robotic and autonomous systems capable of contributing to complex low-level operations at scale in the air and on the ground. A tactic that the Russian aggressor is ill-equipped to respond to. Particular arear of interest are the exploitation of multiple entities in loosely coupled groupings (swarms) delivering 1st, 2nd and 3rd order emergent effect, greatly enhancing the overall capability benefit. We are actively collaborating in the development of a number of such solutions. Hot off the press is a more compact, low profile 8×8 based on the well-proven Proteus mobility platform, retaining the impressive load carrying and extreme-terrain agility in a robust and cost-effective package that characterises the Proteus marque. 


In addition to the further enhancement of the Trident range, we have extended the amphibious capabilities of Proteus, to allow useful levels of load-carriage afloat. The vehicle below will carry 500-700kg afloat and the application of novel technologies currently under development will allow us to further increase this capacity in the future.

Our early analysis highlighted the need to evolve our thinking beyond the 'what can we do now?' question, setting a context within which to consider the nature of operations that must emerge more strongly if Ukraine is to overcome the advantages of scale that Russia currently wields. Complex operations are key to gaining advantage over an organisation that can only think and operate at scale and is incapable of adjusting to or anticipating deviations from its playbook.

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At a practical level, the first step was to reconfigure Proteus to meet the immediate needs of tactical level operations in a Central European operational context. Not a major challenge given the inherent modular reconfigurability of the vehicle. Further revision to meet emerging need or specific roles can be readily undertaken, even at user level. 


We have also revisited the design of our next generation Trident in detail. Trident now offers a range of enhanced features, including native amphibious capability under heavy load, which we considered essential to achieve high levels of operational and tactical mobility across areas of the central plains heavily cut by water features, without compromising native extreme terrain mobility.

Well suited to the kind of operations that will be necessary if protracted insurgent and conventional operations ensue.

The images on this page provide an overview of configurations suited to various roles, reflecting some important developments made possible rapidly by our parametrically-driven design approach.

The high mobility, fully amphibious, extended range Trident 'Inland' range of manned extreme terrain vehicles will shortly be joined by the larger 'Coastal' range, optimised for carriage of extreme loads (up to 5T) in difficult waters and marshland. Further details on these models can be found here, and indicative pricing is here.

The Trident (6×6) range will shortly be joined by the hydrostatically driven Gurkha 4×4, optimised for manual, remote or autonomous operations in the Littoral.

These will in turn be joined shortly by a compact, lightweight mechanically-driven Gurkha T-25 variant, designed to exploit Maximus drive technologies to deliver a feather-weight, low-cost and potentially disposable asset retaining comparably scaled cross-terrain, amphibious and load-carrying capabilities.

Agile Vehicles are Intelligently Designed for the most extreme of use and environment, exploiting computational modelling and simulation techniques to rapidly test, validate and optimise performance and cost. Our inherently modular and reconfigurable design philosophy allows rapid reconfiguration of existing design, where appropriate, at moderate additional cost.

Agriculture in the Extreme
Trident Prototype - Variation on a Theme
Introducing Autonomy
Hidden Capabilities
Optionally Manned Autonomy

A British designed range of extreme mobility 6×6 and 8×8 all terrain vehicles, featuring low ground pressure and agile manoeuvrability across all terrain types, with amphibious capability. Modular design assures high levels of reconfigurability between cargo, personnel or special fit. Load capacity up to 2000 kg or 8 personnel under ROP

Configure your own Solution

The base vehicle configuration is an extreme mobility blank canvas, capable to being configured to a wide range of specialist roles, either manned or unmanned.

Ardnamurchan Proteus UGV and Trident M/UGV

Op Stalker -Test and Experimentation – Ardnamurchan Dec 2023

During December 2023 we successfully completed an intensive period of arduous testing of AVT-DCE Robotic and Autonomous System (RAS)-enabling performance on current and future generation Agile platforms. Vehicles and systems were pushed to the...

Proteus Amphibian

Light Tactical Mobility Platform (LTMP)

Interesting to see the release of the LTMP light and medium PQQs and hoping that this quick-fire opportunity reflects lessons learned. A potential opportunity to formally present the capabilities of our various AATV and...

Proteus with QuickBlock structure kit and 3 Point HItch with Backhoe fitted

QuickBlock and Backhoe

A wet few days in Ardnamurchan carrying out some ‘mutually supporting experimentation’ with QuickBlock. They needed a hole in the middle of nowhere to test some embankment and protection techniques and we needed to...

Proteus UGV

Low-Profile Proteus UGV

Announcing a routine optional enhancement to our Proteus UGV body profile, removing the enclosed cabin area of the optionally manned variant in order to create additional load and modular system capacity whilst reducing the...

Sika Loitering Swarming Mine System

Sika Loitering Swarming Mine System

Agile is applying its electric drive and extreme mobility technologies to the development of a highly mobile dynamic mine system capable of delivering a substantial technical explosive payload, flexibly, selectively and with precision. This...

Proteus Land Warrior

Take a modestly priced industrial-grade, general purpose, compact hydrostatically driven extreme-terrain platform with #8×8 drive and tiny ground pressure … Hook a #remote or #autonomous control module into existing control interfaces. Add pretty much any system, special fit, role equipment...

Beach Landing

OK, is this one real?  No … a good visualisation though. This is in part a spin-off from more purposeful #Agile systems development activity in which #modelling is essential to the rapid development and iteration of designs. Of...

Early Test Footage Recompilation

A recompilation of some early test footage that still looks good four years later. Proteus Prototype #1 managing to impress with only 4 of the 8 wheels driven – before we took delivery of...

Trident Afloat

Really? Experimenting with virtual worlds.

Novel Amphibious Craft – NSM Platform

Whilst investigating the USMC Force 2030 Concept we came across an interesting shore-based anti-ship missile solution … raising the question; how can we improve on this? The current iteration of NMESIS utilises an autonomous...

Brimstone – Concept > Cap

In response to some helpful prompting on @ThinkDefence tweets on Universal Carrier and Brimstone last week we decided to investigate carriage of #Brimstone on a selection of #Agile variants. The first step was very straightforward – can we...

Gurkha T25

Rapid Concept to Capability

Hot off the press from the Agile Concept Labs – the fusion of modular Maximus and Proteus technologies in a form factor inspired by Trident. This solution is designed to be light, cheap and...

Great Service!

A prompt and efficient service to move a couple of vehicles at short notice, well done C J Recovery & Transport Service! Based in Somerton, Somerset, contact Joe on 07983 671 645 or emain...

Proteus Amphibian

In anticipation of forthcoming Ukrainian ‘Mud Season’ and winter we are offering a number of enhancements to the existing Proteus 8×8 range to improve performance on mud, marshland, snow and ice, along with significantly...

Armoured Trident

We have now completed the second of our staged reviews of current and emerging high mobility requirements in Ukraine. Whilst our initial emphasis on mobility at the expense of protection remains sound for many...

Innovating at the BattleLab

Take a large slice of BattleLab, facilitate with a generous helping of Babcock International Group enablement, add a sprinkling of innovative SMEs with their own ideas, shake gently then allow to settle for a few days. Prod...

UGV Lineup

Coastal and Littoral Ops – Enhanced Trident Range

We have moved quickly to further enhance the Trident range of fully amphibious extreme terrain vehicles with a particular focus on coastal and littoral operations, with load capacities afloat and ashore of up to...

Trident Variants

Rapid Development of Trident Manoeuvre Variant

At the end of February in response to the invasion of Ukraine we initiated two new projects, the first a comparatively straightforward reconfiguration of our existing 8×8 extreme terrain variant, the second a complete...

Agile Proteus

Agile Operations and Humanitarian Support

Agile Vehicle Technologies have optimised their existing 8×8 and forthcoming 6×6 extreme terrain variants for use in compound asymmetric operations, into roles including covert offensive, defensive and support operations and in support of humanitarian...

Understanding the Information Domain

Our next generation of autonomous functionality will exploit leading edge technologies and techniques to offer accessible and open solutions to many complex environments. Our focus is shifting from sword to ploughshare, drawing upon the...

Optionally manned autonomous vehicle

Optionally Manned Autonomous Vehicle Development

We were delighted to team with Digital Concepts Engineering in a challenging quick-fire bid to field an optionally manned / fully autonomous Extreme Terrain Vehicle.  The concept, design and development was completed in an...

CivTAK SCreen showing Viewshed

CivTAK in Emergency Response

The power and flexibility of this remarkable hand-held system is astonishing. It was designed to enhance Command and Control at tactical levels by integrating communications, computation, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, exploiting leading edge technology...

Optionally Manned Autonomy

Optionally Manned Autonomy Coming Along Nicely!

Our collaborative venture with DCE is progressing well. Moving forward now to finalise the design of our optionally manned autonomous vehicle, which combines all the advantages of manual and fully autonomous operation. This is...

Max ATVs – A Bright New Future

Exciting news for the future of Max. We are delighted to announce that Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. [PRRY] have now acquired the IP and rights to Max ATVs and are pressing forward with their...

Grant of Patent – Hurrah!

We’re pleased to announce Grant of Patent for our chain tensioner design, overcoming many of the challenges associated with long, heavily-loaded, inaccessible chain runs – the scourge of All Terrain Vehicles … amongst other...

Endurance Testing in Kalimantan, SE Asia

This expedition aimed to test and prove robustness, endurance and performance over extremes of fragile terrain during the rainy season. We launched the 4 week expedition to West Kalimantan in SE Asia during November...

Data Logging System – Availability

We will be making variants of our data collection and logging system available during January 2021 and will also accept commissions for bespoke variants to meet particular data collection and logging needs. Please contact...

Agile ventures into Complex Systems

Agile Vehicle Technologies from its R&D facility in Somerset announces its evolving complex systems vehicle design which includes both semi or fully autonomous vehicles able to make navigational decisions, avoid obstacles and operate safely...

Somerset Firm – Saves Trees

Agile Vehicle Technologies helps just by retrieving oil palm fruits normally uncollected. Agile Vehicle Technologies, based in Somerset, has developed a load carrying extreme terrain vehicle that can weave between the oil palm trees,...

MIcro-controller Board

Instrumentation and Data Recording

The challenge was quite a big one; to fully instrument and collect performance data on two prototype vehicles using something over 100 data channels on one vehicle, 60 on the other, polled at intervals...