Armoured Trident

We have now completed the second of our staged reviews of current and emerging high mobility requirements in Ukraine. Whilst our initial emphasis on mobility at the expense of protection remains sound for many roles, it is clear that some level of armoured protection would enhance capability in others.

Armoured Trident 46 L3

Physical modification to incorporate any level of armoured protection is a relatively straightforward matter for the Trident range. However the key question is; how much is enough and what level of extreme-terrain manoeuvrability should we be prepared to sacrifice?  We have concluded that protection to NATO STANAG 4569 Threat Level 3 would be desirable. We can achieve this without compromise to performance on soft ground, snow and with an acceptable reduction in amphibious load-carrying capability.

The mid-range Trident 46 provides an attractive sweet spot, allowing us to retain upwards of 2 Tonnes of load carrying capacity afloat and Max AUW ground pressures not exceeding 3.1 psi [21.3 kPa] whilst achieving level 3 protection for occupants and vehicle systems. We are working now with partners to optimise the solution, which should allow us to improve on the above.