Proteus Amphibian

In anticipation of forthcoming Ukrainian ‘Mud Season’ and winter we are offering a number of enhancements to the existing Proteus 8×8 range to improve performance on mud, marshland, snow and ice, along with significantly improved water-crossing capability under load, without sacrificing wider extreme terrain performance.

Proteus Amphibious

Improved buoyancy and stability achieved by lightening the upper structure and installation of a full-length flotation rim, sufficient residual displacement to accommodate 750-1000 kg of onboard load whilst afloat.

Thrust provided by two hydraulically driven heavy-duty propellers developing 40 HP (optionally 70 HP, capable of being front and/or rear mounted) and operated from primary steering with independent, seamless full-range FNR speed control. Providing excellent mobility on-land, afloat and in traditionally difficult conditions such as entry/exit, deep mud and vegetation. Route selection no longer dictated by geographical features, instead Proteus can fully exploit them.

Optional autonomy and remote control modular fits available in collaboration with Digital Concepts Engineering, complementing manual operation.

Agile’s bespoke, dynamically stable Quad Over-Tyre Track (QOTT) system further reduces ground pressure to less than 3.6 kPa (0.4 psi), allowing transit over fragile terrain whilst minimising surface damage.