The Agile track system design reflects the configurability found in the vehicles design.  It provides an additional dimension of mobility in the most challenging of terrains, stabilising the surface, reducing overall ground pressure and improving tractive contact area, allowing the vehicle to roll its own road.

All vehicles can be fitted with full-length tracks over tyres, in addition Proteus and Minerva can be operated on half tracks. Our Agile branded tracks come in 16″ and 20″ variants, the side stay (cleat) pitch is designed to be consistent with the tread pattern pitch on our tyres; this has some important benefits:

  • Wheels are less likely to spin within tracks
  • Track tension is less critical
  • Traction is more effectively transferred between tyre and track, even in wet/slimy conditions

The 20″ tracks can be supplied with or without a cogging centre boss that mates with the centre recess on our tyres, this provides an additional level of cogging effect which allows most effective transfer of the immense torque developed by the Rotary Power drive motors.