Designed for the toughest of tasks, these vehicles incorporate leading-edge skid steer and hydrostatic drive technologies to provide precise and seamless transmission of drive and pinpoint control under all conditions.

Excellent stability, low ground pressure, good ground clearance assure outstanding ground-crossing capability and the ability to operate safely at large tip and climb angles (load dependant) over terrain that would not be accessible to other off-road or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

At up to 4000Nmtorque per drive wheel, tractive capability verges on the excessive. The vehicle can be used with or without tracks depending on required ground pressure and governing terrain conditions, and there are a range of tyre options, including our own bespoke cogging track-tyre combinations.

 In short, whilst generically classified as  ‘all-terrain’, it is a vehicle capable of operating safely and effectively in the most extreme of terrain.

Minerva is the heavyweight Proteus hydrostatic variant for heavy-load, close-environment agricultural use. It incorporates a heavy duty rear load structure optimised for external load carriage. Drive is from a Kubota diesel unit powering a bespoke hydrostatic drive system powering either two or four hub-mounted drive motors.