Bespoke All-Terrain Vehicle Design

Modularity is one of the underlying design principles of our All-Terrain Vehicles, whilst this is most obviously reflected in the ease with which the mobility platform can be adapted to a wide variety of roles, it is actually embedded far more deeply within the DNA of our designs. The entire structural base of the vehicle is born of the same design principles.

Because we control all aspects of our vehicle design, and because that design is inherently modular, we have considerable ability to adapt the underlying design to meet specific requirements. And we can deliver a fully documented and productionisable solution quickly.

If yours is a requirement that needs something special, give us a call and find out what we can do for you.

8×8 @ 26″ wheeled chassis re-engineered to accept 6×6 @ 39″ wheels
for improved ground clearance, amphibious performance and carrying capacity.
Bespoke Wheel Configuration [Boulder and Bog optimisation]