Tensioning Systems

We have gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate the use of chains, and where they are necessary we have adopted chain run geometries that are simple and chains that are strong. However we wanted a solution that would automatically tension chains on long chain runs and keep on doing so throughout the life of the chain with minimal user intervention.

There wasn’t one, so we invented one, and then we patented it. The tensioning system is entirely self contained, it requires no external support or structural mounting and is contained entirely within the existing profile of the chain run. It utilises a clever self-positioning stator technology to ensure that the tensioning mechanism remains fixed in space and achieves a greater amount of chain take-up than is possible with conventional chain-displacement approaches. Furthermore, multiple tensioners can be fitted on a single chain run with incremental benefit. It is entirely possible using this approach to run chain to full life extension (typically 3%), rather than discard them when conventional take-up mechanisms run out of adjustment (typically < 2%).

Our chain and belt tensioning system offers long-term, adjustment-free effect and we are delighted with its performance … as, we suspect, you will be.

Whilst primarily developed for our own purposes, we would be delighted to discuss how our chain and belt tensioning technologies might be exploited in other applications. Our solutions are suited to a wide range of low-user-intervention applications in challenging environments. Specialist variations can be made available for other applications.

Innovation – it’s on us.