Design Studio

The UK-based Agile Design Studio provides expertise and insight for the design of bespoke solutions or adaptations, providing turnkey solutions or support to in-house development teams. We draw upon wide-ranging systems integration expertise and a global base of engineering & design excellence.

Agile Design has been a central feature of our development approach, allowing us to achieve more rapid entry to market and iterate quickly towards an optimal sector solution. This is particularly important in the ‘extreme terrain’ sector where utilisation use cases vary greatly and rapid optimisation is necessary to meet specialist needs.

We use and develop leading edge technologies as part of our design approach, with virtualisation being an essential precursor, not only to design, but also to support the development and implementation of automation, a key feature of the our current development effort.

Design, Design, Design

Design and development is the very heart of our business. It’s what we get up for in the morning and it is reflected in the strength of our offerings. Our design, test and development facility in Somerset, UK is where the concepts and ideas are turned into reality.

Vehicle Design
Vehicle Design

Our vehicles are designed ground-up to perform, and we have exploited the best of modern design technology to help us turn aspiration into reality. Our modelling approach emphasises modularity and re-usability from the get-go, starting with complex parametrically driven models that allow us to explore size, shape and interaction, progressing to multi-layered, modular, reconfigurable assembly models making extensive use of configurations and data tables to achieve the level of flexibility we desire. The payoffs are dramatic, resulting in concise but highly structured models that form the basis of a product that can be readily manipulated to meet emerging needs.

Our Design Centre of Excellence spans a range of core disciplines including:

  • Architecture development
  • Conceptual design – modularity, re-configurability, trade off analysis, technology options, form and styling
  • Detailed design – integrated CAD development environment, DMS
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Limited volume production – specialist variants and special fits
  • Collaboration cell
  • Systems Integration
  • Instrumentation and Test Equipment: Specification and design
  • Programming and Automation
  • Fabrication, including 3 axis milling and additive manufacture
  • Graphics: photo-realistic rendering and animation, video capture and editing, photography
  • Web-enablement