Vehicle Accessories


Our trailers are based upon common walking beam chassis, this means that the trailers, like our vehicles, have a high degree of modular reconfigurability. The efficient load management of the walking beam system means that most of this capacity can be safely exploited, even in rough terrain which would unseat or tip a conventional fixed axle trailer.

Flat Beds

Modular flat bed solutions are compatible across the Maximus and Proteus range for medium grade haulage roles. For high capacity use the Minerva rear load bed is recommended. Whilst normally bought as parts of a base vehicle structure, even this is a modular component and can be retrospectively fitted to either Proteus or Maximus to increase absolute load capacity.


We offer a range of off the shelf tyre solutions to suit all ground conditions and all pockets. Our preferred solution for most applications is the Agile brand which is optimised for the vehicle, having a tread pattern that provides excellent tractive effect on ground and afloat, but also cogs effectively with the Agile track allowing for more effective transfer of torque under loaded conditions.


The Agile track system design reflects the configurability found in the vehicles design.  It provides an additional dimension of mobility in the most challenging of terrains, stabilising the surface, reducing overall ground pressure and improving tractive contact area, allowing the vehicle to roll its own road.

All vehicles can be fitted with full-length tracks over tyres, in addition Proteus and Minerva can be operated on half tracks. Our Agile branded tracks come in 16″ and 20″ variants and the 20″ variants can be supplied with or without a cogging centre run that mates with our tyre profile.

Brush Guard

The brush guard is designed to complement the machine, it is no surprise that the styling elegantly matches the curves of the base machine – it does so to create the most effective protective profile without excessive additional frontal area, which would itself be liable to cause unintended damage during transit of dense foliage.

Cranes and Davits

We have various crane mount options, though in general we aim to design purpose-specific solutions to ensure optimal reach, load capacity and use of load space.

Spare Parts and Technical Support

Our distributor and dealer support infrastructure is complemented by internet-based support via our portal and via dedicated fleet portals for fleet operators.