Maximus Minerva & Proteus

Agile offers products to suit a wide range of specialist business, industrial and recreational uses, along with support packages that can be tailored to specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements. All of our vehicles share a high degree of component commonality reducing inventory overhead and allowing for rapid reconfiguration.

The vehicle variants share a common bodyform and layout with some commonality of parts and accessories. Minerva & Proteus are the heavy lifters of the team, with powerful hydrostatic drive via up to four hub mounted motors they are capable of delivering massive tractive effort with breathtaking precision and agility. Maximus is the lighter beast, utilising a bespoke mechanical transmission it has less top end grunt but comparable agility in a highly cost effective package.

The ranges share a common heritage, designed from the ground-up to be modular and highly reconfigurable. We offer multiple role options as parts of the baseline package, but the full range of possibilities is limited only by imagination. The base vehicles can assume a range of configurations from full-length flatbed capable of carrying up to 2T or 8 seated and protected personnel with a variety of options in between.

The Hydrostatic Range: Minerva and Proteus lead the charge, sharing the same chassis and running gear options, the main difference being the superstructure, which is optimised for heavy load carriage on Minerva, with a lighter-weight space-optimised chassis on Proteus – both are interchangeable.

Specialist Mechanical Range: Maximus; cheaper, lighter and simpler with numerous load and personnel carriage options. The same general body-form as the hydrostatic range and sharing many configuration and accessory options.

8×8 and 6×6. All models are available in 6×6 and 8×8 variants