Hydrostatics – System Overview

Hydrostatic control offers a dramatic improvement in seamless handling performance, torque and strength over more traditional mechanical systems. We have worked hard to ensure that the considerable benefits offered by hydrostatics are available at a price point more usually associated with inferior mechanically driven solutions.

Key to the exceptional levels of performance we have achieved in our hydrostatic design is the development of a bespoke hydrostatic motor in collaboration with Rotary Power Ltd, with a through shaft that enables direct drive to one or more wheels. This is a highly effective and robust approach that provides much more efficient use of space and allows the motors to be used to their full potential, including the development of a staggering 4000Nm torque apiece.

This clever design allows for an extremely simple, compact and robust transmission system, unencumbered by clutches, belts, brake disks and complicated chain runs. This simplicity and robustness has direct benefits in terms of reliability, maintenance and support overheads.

Closed loop system

A closed loop system is a natural choice where space and possible contamination are factors. The heart of our system is a tandem hydraulic pump capable of accepting a variety  of control interfaces, the default steering solution provides for fingertip precision single handed operation.

Bespoke cooling solution

Our vehicles have cut their teeth in the most challenging of climatic conditions and under loads that push thr boundaries of the possible for this class of vehicle. Central to this is the provision for cooling in the extreme, we have developed our own combination hydraulic and engine heat exchanges, which are optimised for the difficult conditions in a compact, enclosed body. Our radiators are fabricated to our own design and are available separately for bespoke applications.