Maximus 6×6

Maximus 6×6 is a short wheel base All-Terrain Vehicle, capable of carrying up to 4 personnel under protection including the driver-operator. A T25 skid steer transmission sits at the heart of the vehicle assuring unrivalled precision of control.  The second row of seating is removable to allow a full length internal flatbed, the design of which allows ready access to the engine bay and internal under-bed storage.

Maximus 8×8

Maximus 8×8 is a long wheel base All-Terrain Vehicle variant, capable of carrying up to 8 personnel under protection including the driver-operator. The drive train is identical to that of the 6×6, with all parts interchangeable.
It offers considerable flexibility in load carriage with 1/2, 3/4 and full length modular flatbed options, seating up to 2, 5 or 8 depending on load bed modules selected. The modular approach also enables less-conventional mid-load bed and rear seating options or left-to-right splits, this allows role-specific special fits to be readily implemented, such as a full-length attended stretcher on one side with internally seated medic alongside.

Maximus Handling

Technical testing extracted footage.