Sika Loitering Swarming Mine System

Agile is applying its electric drive and extreme mobility technologies to the development of a highly mobile dynamic mine system capable of delivering a substantial technical explosive payload, flexibly, selectively and with precision. This capability solution is conceived as an enabler for transition from positional to more dynamic mobile operations in Ukraine.  The clip illustrates the carriage of 18 systems on a standard Proteus + walking beam trailer combination.

… having particular applicability for:

  • Rapid placement of minefields
  • The ability to reconfigure or optimise minefield layout for:
    • Directional threats
    • Clear passage of own forces
  • The ability to identify and intercept potential targets
  • Ground-based offensive operations against
    • Buildings
    • Trench systems
    • Concentrations (vehicles, personnel, structures)
    • Mobile targets such as convoys
  • Swarming operations