Minerva 2 Motor [M2F and M2R]

Visually identical externally and with similar performance characteristics, the 2 Motor All-Terrain Vehicle variants are lighter in weight with a more compact hydraulic hose set and improved internal stowage capacity. They also cost a little less.

Strength and Power

The 2M Chassis is entirely symmetric fore-aft so the same base chassis can be fitted in either direction, allowing either 2 Motor Front (2MF) or2 Motor Rear (2MR) configurations to be achieved using common structure. In addition to fabrication efficiency and commonality, this providing additional role flexibility taking account of weight distribution, load-bearing and tractive considerations.

All of our All-Terrain Vehicles are structurally robust sporting steel superstructures and multiple hard points with load-paths down to the chassis. We do not rely on the HDPE body shell to carry load or safety critical structures such as ROPS. The image below shows the locations of primary hard points and utility hard points that can be used to mount modules, lift the vehicle or secure loads.

Structural Hard Points
Structural Hard Points