Proteus is our base hydrostatic offering, an attractive balance between immense tractive capability, precision of control, on board capacity and all-up weight. 

All of our hydrostatic vehicles share the same high-strength lower chassis options supporting either 4 or 2-motor configurations. The 4 motor variant provides the best options for the most robustly challenging of environments where load carrying, heavy duty traction and arduous extremes are dominant use cases. The 2 motor variants can be supplied in front or rear-mounted motor configurations, the symmetric chassis being common to front and rear 2 motor configurations.

With a lightweight, space-efficient rear superstructure the base configuration Proteus has an on board load capacity of 1500kg. It can pull a further 3000kg on a braked trailer.

Talos 8×8

Footprint 3130mm long x 1700mm wide. Rim height 730mm, maximum freeboard level 960mm (with full top)

Proteus utilises the same configurable seating, load bed & ROPs options as Maximus, improving the range of options for re-configuration & re-roling of fleet or individual vehicle.