Mechanical [T-25]

At the heart of our mechanical range is the T-25 Steering Transmission.

Originally conceived by Borg Warner as a specialist skid steer transmission for light all-terrain vehicles. The unit is cleverly designed to provide precise and fully independent control to either side. The advantages of this design approach are best understood by considering the shortcomings of more conventional braked differential units in which uneven braking or even low speed manoeuvring can have severely detrimental effect on performance as tractive effort is shed to the side with least traction.

It is also light, compact and mechanically simple. A formula that delights engineers and designers.

We have taken this well proven design and applied modern design and analytical techniques to improve load capacity, performance and durability, whilst also eliminating various weaknesses.

Around it we have built a new generation of all-terrain vehicle, drawing inspiration from the best of the past whilst avoiding the mistakes.