Load Beds

We offer a range of load options, either general purpose or bespoke to task. Heavy duty rear load beds are generally mounted on six structural hard points and dual central rails. This provides numerous options for bed configuration and load management.

Mainstream variants include:

  • Traditional simple fixed beds with optional superstructure, designed to allow the bed to be tipped either to the left or to the right to gain quick access to the engine, or to be removed for maintenance activities.
  • Slide and tilt aluminium options mounted on fore aft rail-sets to allow main bed to slide and tilt , either for internal access or load-handling purposes.

Our aluminium load bed system is light in weight but big in capacity, exploiting the full width of the vehicle to provide a load bed measuring 1.8 x 1.8 m, with the ability to tip to port, starboard or rear. Optional enhancements include the ability to slide and tilt, with or without hydraulic assist.

A proliferation of structural hard points make bespoke load carriage design comparatively straightforward and we can provide support to user-designed solutions or undertake more specialist design work to meet particular requirements.