Power and Transmission

Rotary Power Agile XJ05 Variant Motors

Designed specifically to meet the needs of agile vehicles, this XJ05 hub motor variant features an inboard drive sprocket that allows drive to be transmitted inboard to secondary axles, as well as directly to the wheel. This important provision sets us apart from our competitors in terms of  compact, precise application of power and torque.

T25 Family of Mechanical Transmissions

Based upon the proven design of the Borg-Warner T-20 transmission, the T-25 family introduces modern design and materials technologies to substantially increase durability, robustness and usability of the original design, whilst also reducing costs. We offer a number of variants, prominent amongst which the T-21, which is a fit-form-function replacement for the T-20 , designed for retrofit to Max and a multitude of earlier machines, and the T-25 which is the fully-enhanced variant used in the new Maximus range.

Our specialist transmissions are also available for alternative, bespoke applications.


We have selected the Kubota range of turbo diesel engines as our preferred power unit for Proteus and Minerva ranges. The higher capacity V1505 is our workhorse, with the lower capacity D1105 offering a more compact, space-efficient solution where raw power is unnecessary or undesirable.

For Maximus we offer a range of options, diesel and petrol from Kubota and Lombardini