Agile - Indicative Pricing

We price to reflect our costs, this allows us to remain highly competitive whilst also allowing the end user to benefit from procurement strategies that allow Agile to operate most cost effectively. Higher volumes, plenty of notice and early commitment will typically reduce our costs and allow us to operate more efficiently and this will be reflected in the price we are able to charge.

We typically price only our base vehicle configuration, the high degree of modular reconfigurability makes pricing of all combinations and permutations impractical. Once again the price of specials will reflect our actual costs, standard role fits incorporated at build will be less expensive than role kits sold separately.

We are well equipped to undertake the development of specialist role fits to meet particular customer requirements. Once again, our aim is to offer value for money and we will price according to levels of effort, mitigated by volume, lead-time and wider applicability.

The prices below are therefore indicative, but provide a realistic indication of comparative pricing for selected models.

Indicative Pricing - Selected Models

Base Vehicle$US
Proteus 8x8 and 6x661000
Trident 3584000
Trident 5099000
Trident 60101500
Gurkha 4x499000