Brimstone – Concept > Cap

In response to some helpful prompting on @ThinkDefence tweets on Universal Carrier and Brimstone last week we decided to investigate carriage of #Brimstone on a selection of #Agile variants.

The first step was very straightforward – can we fit Brimstone to the general purpose #Proteus load-carrier vehicles we currently have in our workshop? Quite straightforward it seems, with space and capacity for 3 banks of 7 missiles on existing side-tipping load beds. Launcher dims are near perfect for side launch and the combined (estimated) load of about 1300 kg (for 21 missiles + launcher) is well within Proteus 2.2T lift and tilt capacity. Animated gif illustrates.

Having proven the general #concept we then looked more closely at optimised solutions for a small selection of our Agile variants, focusing on Proteus and #Trident in manned and #UGV configurations. #Amphibious Trident is of particular interest in a #Ukraine context because of its excellent load carrying capability #afloat, allowing for largely unconstrained x-terrain mobility year-round.  

#parametrically-driven #design for the modular launch mechanism allowed us to explore multiple configurations rapidly and optimise to selected vehicles. The full vehicle renders illustrate selected solutions for Trident in pick-up and #autonomous configurations, and for Proteus in #UGV configuration.

An interesting exercise, thanks for the twitter prompt and various responses!

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