Rapid Concept to Capability

Hot off the press from the Agile Concept Labs – the fusion of modular Maximus and Proteus technologies in a form factor inspired by Trident. This solution is designed to be light, cheap and highly mobile, with an emphasis on load-carrying capacity on-land and afloat.

Gurkha T-25

The unit is powered by a compact diesel or petrol engine, driving a closed loop hydraulic system into a T-25 skid steer transmission with chain drive to all four wheels. The large 42″ (nominal) high flotation tyres provide for extremely low ground pressure and excellent flotation. Combined displacement of tyres and body exceeds 3T in a base vehicle weighing less than 1T, allowing for considerable load carriage afloat.
The compact base unit is optimised for single occupancy, with a 2.8 square metre load bed plus 0.5 cubes of internal storage space. In autonomous and remote-controlled variants, the available internal stowage increases to > 1 cubes beneath a 3.5 square metre load bed.
Naturally amphibious, capable of 6 kph afloat and up to 50 kph on land. Able to transit extremes of terrain, including deep marshland and bog. In short – this will go pretty much anywhere, and on its own if necessary.
Lead time to production currently 4 months. Options for role-specific configuration.

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