Somerset Firm – Saves Trees

Agile Vehicle Technologies helps just by retrieving oil palm fruits normally uncollected.

Agile Vehicle Technologies, based in Somerset, has developed a load carrying extreme terrain vehicle that can weave between the oil palm trees, without damaging root stock or churning the soil, collecting palm fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Productivity is likely to rise significantly, minimising the need to plant more trees. thereby saving rain forests from further destruction. 😊

The theoretical economics are sound, now trials are pushing ahead to establish baseline statistics.

Working with several major agricultural organisations in South East Asia, Agile’s aim is to improve productivity in existing plantations, including oil palm. Rainy season losses amount to more than 20% of annual productivity through inability to retrieve ripened crops before they spoil. With a clear commitment to working with companies who are concerned with environmental issues, Agile Vehicle Technologies is lending support to trialling in the field from its manufacturing base near Jakarta.

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