Agile Proteus Extreme Terrain Vehicle to be built in Somerset from Sept 20

With manufacturing bases in Indonesia and Somerset, Agile Vehicle Technologies announced today that the Proteus 8×8 vehicle will be built in Somerset. Will there be new jobs? One would hope so, but stability of current roles feels good.

Design enhancements are set to enable Proteus to traverse terrain normally impassable ensuring land coverage for utilities, forestry, firefighting, flood zones as well as for Estates with traditionally steep hillside geography.

Originally designed to deal with peat bogs and the rugged mountainous terrain of the Scottish Highlands the vehicle has nevertheless come into its own in tropical climes. The ultra -low ground pressure of an 8-wheeled vehicle is kinder to fragile ground, even in wet conditions. Over-tyre tracks enhance those benefits, meaning less damage to the environment.

Will Proteus be good for snow ploughing? it certainly will! With the snow-plough attachment, Proteus can quickly be converted to a plough vehicle. The ability to pivot on the spot, combined with extreme tractive force gives this snow mover the precise manoeuvrability and power to out-perform typical snow ploughing vehicles.