Agile Operations and Humanitarian Support

Agile Vehicle Technologies have optimised their existing 8×8 and forthcoming 6×6 extreme terrain variants for use in compound asymmetric operations, into roles including covert offensive, defensive and support operations and in support of humanitarian operations.

The base vehicle can accept a number of fits and load configurations, any of which can be modified or optimised for particular purpose. The images below are indicative of configurations that may be selected for particular roles.


The initial offering is a conversion of existing Proteus 8×8 platforms; these are a well proven design that has been extensively tested in a variety of extreme environments and can be made available with initial deliveries starting in 5 weeks.

These vehicles are able to undertake a wide range of roles in difficult and mixed terrain during offensive, defensive, support and humanitarian operations. They are readily role-reconfigurable. The vehicle platforms are robust and durable, relatively cheap (disposable even) and capable of carrying loads in excess of 2 Tons over considerable distances.

The modular superstructure and large load area are capable of accommodating a wide range of specialist weapon or sensor fits along with substantial quantities of supplies and munitions. The rear load bed can accommodate up to two stretchers and/or medic along with combat medical supplies.

Intuitive, high precision controls allow optimal placement and safe negotiation of the most difficult terrains, whilst low ground pressure assures best mobility with minimal ground disruption.


The second offering is the Trident 6×6 platform with increased ground clearance and amphibious capability, even under load. The lead time for initial delivery – for discussion.

Special Fits

Both vehicles can be supplied as basic mobility platforms, or ‘fitted for’ or ‘for but not with’ role equipment and special fits.

Drone Platform

Either vehicle can be modified to support free-flight or tethered drone operations, acting as a mobile transportation platform and charging base for short duration proximity operations, or as a tethered and continuously powered mobile platform for extended duration loiter ops.

Mobile Drone – deployment, charging and high-endurance tethering platform


Remote control, ‘follow-me’ and autonomy options are potentially available for both variants.