Beach Landing

OK, is this one real? 

No … a good visualisation though. This is in part a spin-off from more purposeful #Agile systems development activity in which #modelling is essential to the rapid development and iteration of designs. Of course this sort of graphic is useful for presentational purposes, however the real reasons for dabbling in #virtual worlds are grounded in our design approach: building a test environment that our product development team can extend their imagination into and #innovate without necessarily making or breaking things.

We’ve been progressively investing in digital modelling techniques for some time now. Particularly important to us given the need to design against #extremes of terrain, environment and usage that are difficult (and expensive) to access in the real world. 

Our Agile development approach has paid dividends in terms of efficiencies and effect and we are now taking the next steps towards a digital environment that can represent not only the physical characteristics of systems but also valid simplifications of the #informationdomain.

This next (big!) step will allow us to deal coherently with system of #systems in which information flow, aggregation and manipulation underpin the development of effect. It will allow us to deal #virtually (safely, rapidly and cost-effectively) with the development of automated and augmented control and decision-making techniques in extremes of difficult terrain; considerably more challenging than for road-going vehicles and UAVs.

[Credit Ketchupsandvich for sharing shader techniques behind this visualisation]