Grant of Patent – Hurrah!

We’re pleased to announce Grant of Patent for our chain tensioner design, overcoming many of the challenges associated with long, heavily-loaded, inaccessible chain runs – the scourge of All Terrain Vehicles … amongst other things. It’s a curiously elegant chain-riding solution: no mounts, self-adjusting, simple, works equally well forward and reverse, stable, cheap and with considerable slack take-up capacity.

The synergistic coupling of lightweight stator sprocket and tensioned pucks pair works remarkably well, when intuitively it has no right to do so. More than that, it works in multiple configurations.

The video shows testing under heavy transmission loads. This particular configuration uses a single stator set with tethered pucks. The pucks assure chain tension to fix the stators and the stators hold the puck in the desired position whilst controlling the chain path and enhancing the tensioning effect.

We will be releasing the technology under licence shortly and can provide design support for role specific applications.