Our 8×8 hydrostatically driven base vehicle offers a highly flexible mobility platform for a wide range of special fits. With up to 2T load capacity and options for remote control, we have a highly capable workhorse, able to undertake a wide variety of roles, interchangeably. We will also offer hybrid and all-electric variants of our standard platforms during 2020, utilising leading edge super-capacitor-based technologies offering much higher efficiency and re-charge rates in a compact form-factor.

Our own in-house team of Engineers is able to support the development of new and bespoke special fits, which can be manufactured in-house or by sub-contractors. These may range from simple structural work (ROPS, bumpers, mounting) through to more complex modification and systems integration. We can also provide on-site training and support if necessary.

The vehicle structure includes a range of standardised hard points and structural members designed to accept reconfigurable load systems, greatly simplifying the development of bespoke systems and allowing the user to undertake their own bespoke development of reconfiguration with minimal overhead.