Search and Rescue

When people are lost and in distress in remote areas, or even in forests neighbouring developed areas, the clock is always ticking toward a worrisome outcome for all involved, but especially for those in need of help.

When it comes to ground search and rescue, on land or inland waterway, the mobility of the Agile range of amphibious extreme-terrain vehicles greatly surpasses that of any ATV, side-by-side utility vehicle (UTV), or any road-legal four-wheel drive vehicle.

Emergency responders equipped with an Agile vehicle will sweep extensive search areas in compressed timeframes since they will have the ability to easily drive on or through terrain impassable to other vehicles.

As a quick visual aid to assist you with narrowing in on the right Agile vehicle model for your Search and Rescue operation, please refer to this chart which ranks the relative standings of key attributes of a suitable Agile vehicle in your setting:

Note various relevant attributes are ranked on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest performance score. Each different Agile vehicle model is then depicted on the graph as a polygon shape, with the overall size/area of the polygon indicating the overall applicability of that vehicle to this role relative to the others. Then if certain attributes are more important to you than others, you can view how the vehicle ranks on that attribute by seeing how close it comes to the outer “level 10” line where that attribute is labelled on the graph.